Premium All Star

Greetings Captains!

We are excited to announce a new Recruitment Drive of a very special nature. This is the Premium All Star recruitment – bringing to you some of our most powerful and best loved units to date!

Come and be an All Star! All ★5 units share the same drop rate, all ★4 units share the same drop rate, and yes you guessed it, all ★3 share the same drop rate as well. This drive is permanent, and will be updated at the beginning of each month with newly released units of the previous month!

Please note – Collaboration units and Ryoma Ito designed units will not be available in this drive.

・ALL ★5 units total drop rate – 5%
・ALL ★4 units total drop rate – 20%
・If a ★5 unit has not been received when the gauge displays 1, the next unit received will be a guaranteed ★5 (★5 guarantee pool)
・Guaranteed ★5 units are drawn from the same pool of units as a regular ★5 unit